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Python Vs Javascript

Python Vs Javascript: Which Is Better?

  • 16 Feb 2021
  • Admin

Python vs Javascript? Which you should choose
The maximum no of young students who are keen to learn both languages are confused to choose between them. The choice of language solely depends on students and various aspects such as the interest of development (Web development, Android development, iOS development, system software), career prospect, utility, and other personal preferences. Before jumping to a conclusion doing some research about the language is equally important. It gives you a clear view of the thing you will be learning in the future.

Python supports multiple programming known as object-oriented programming (OOP), functional programming, imperative programming, and procedural programming. It has been famous in almost all the different domains of the IT industry. For peoples who work in the data science domain, python is preferred as first above any other language. It is because python provides a vast range of packages for data manipulation, visualization, and pre-processing.

Let us see some of the features of Python:
● Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language.
● It comes with REPL(Read-Eval-Print-Loop).
● It is easy to learn.

On other hand, Javascript is an object-oriented programming language. To support the dynamic view of web page browsers, developers prefer to use Java. The functionalities and behavior of the webpage are controlled by javascript. Javascript is majorly used for web application development. Frameworks and libraries make it easier for developers to enable rapid software development are offered by javascript. Anyone can easily learn JavaScript frameworks to successfully create android applications also.

Here are some of the feature of JavaScript:
● client-side and server-side are supported by Java script.


Below are the Advantages of JavaScript and Python

Advantages of JavaScript
● It is a popular and easy language and also known as the heart of web development.
● It is meant to be a client-side programming language that reduces the load on the server.
● It is faster.
● It is browser compatible and can load easily on almost all browsers.

Advantages of Python
● It is an open-source language so any can developers contribute to it.
● Easy to integrate with other programming languages and also easy to learn.
● The syntax is pretty simple.
● Improves productivity and is popular among youth because of its easy syntax.

Below are the Disadvantages of JavaScript and Python

Disadvantages of Python
● Memory inefficient.
● It is not compatible with mobile development.

Disadvantages of JavaScript
● A single error will stop the whole java script.
● Does do not support networking applications.
● Not secure, anyone can see your code on the browser.
● Single-threaded language.

Salary of Python Vs JavaScript Developers
According to a survey, the highest salary of a Python developer can be $163,500 and as low as $53,500. Whereas the average salary of a JavaScript developer is $115,000. The salaries can be different as per country currency or region.

Python JavaScript
It uses Indentation sensitivity. It includes curly braces to maintain clean code.
Python is a strongly bonded typed language. It is a weakly bonded typed language.
It is majorly used for backends. JavaScript is used for the frontend.
Python is kinda slow comparing to javascript. It is faster.
It can be easily integrated with other programming languages like Java, C, etc. This advantage is not available in Javascript
Its TOBIE rating is 3 Its TOBIE rating is 7.

Differences based on key points
Learning Time: There is a non-stop learning curve in javascript. It offers libraries for every purpose like web development or mobile development. If you choose JavaScript, you will be amazed vast section of libraries and frameworks to work with. So if you have an interest in web development, then you should learn Javascript.

In learning python, you can mostly work with logic and you only have to learn the syntax of python. You can master Python in less time. If you are a beginner and want to learn any programming language fast join the best python programming institute in Noida.

Use Cases: Python is widely preferred in software testing, scientific computing, automation, etc. But it is not a good choice for major mobile development. Whereas JavaScript is preferred in web development, mobile development, and desktop programs.

So in nutshell, we can say that If you want to build web applications, then go for JavaScript. And If you want to explore more fields and remain flexible and such as data science, machine learning, web development (backend), and automation, then Python is the best choice. Both have their own pros and cons, so it’s better to understand what you want to learn.

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