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Rational Test Virtualization Server

IBM Rational Test Virtualization offers fast and quick testing in the development lifecycle. It helps to reduce dependencies by simulating part or an entire application. This helps software testing teams as they need not wait for the availability of those applications to begin their work.

Virtualize services, software, and applications.
Reuse and share virtualized environments
Offers support for middleware technologies
Allows integration with other tools

More Information and Official Website:
Download link: https://www.ibm.com/in-en/marketplace/rational-test-virtualization-server

Why Service Virtualization?
Here, are prime reasons for using service Virtualization for your business:

- Helps you to accelerate Application Delivery while mitigating business risks
- It helps you to simulates the behavior of select components within an application to enable end-to-end testing of the application as a whole.
- Allows the teams to work in parallel
- Allows you to Test Early and often which expose defect when they are faster, easiest and least costly to resolve
- Facilitates better test coverage
- Virtual services offer rich tools for editing and managing which help you improve productivity, cut down on maintenance time and development costs.
- It is useful for anyone involved in developing and delivering software applications.
- Access to more systems and services
- It supports test-driven development.
- Gives you an isolated environment for testing