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Fall in love with Python

Reasons that will make you fall in love with Python

  • 19 Nov 2020
  • Admin

Programming languages have been around for a long time, and every time when there is a launch of a new language will sweep developers off their feet. Python is considered one of the easiest, popular, and in-demand programming languages at the time. A recent survey showed that Python has taken over almost every language such as Java, C, C++, and has made its way to the top. Now that makes sense why many people are looking to get certification in python language. Through this article, I will tell you the major reasons to learn Python.

If you are planning to learn and start your career in Python and also wish to learn from the best python training institute in Noida, then now is the right time to grab the opportunity, when the technology is in its growing state.


Now let’s begin with point number 1
1. Simple and easy to learn and practice
So at number 1, Unlike it appears python language is extremely simple and easy to learn. Though it is a very powerful language and it closely resembles or partially the same as the English language!

So, what makes it simple? Python is
● Have Free & open source
● High-level or advanced level
● Interpreted simply
● Have a large community of experts

Moreover, in Python, you don’t have to learn or deal with complex syntax

2. Portable & Extensible Feature
The extensible and portable properties of Python allow you to perform cross-language operations continuously without any problem. Windows to Linux to Macintosh, Solaris, Play station, including others or you can say almost every platform present in the industry at present supports python.

Python’s extensibility features give you the benefit to blend Java as well as .NET components. You can also call for C and C++ libraries.

3. Web Development Feature
Python by most of the developers for developing websites at the current time. The most popular frameworks by python are Django, Flask, Pylons, etc. Since these popular frameworks are written in Python, it becomes a good and valid reason which makes the code a lot faster and stable written by python.

You can also lay your hands on web scraping which means you can fetch details from any other websites. You will also be amazed as many big websites like Instagram, bit bucket, Pinterest is built on such frameworks only.

4. Artificial Intelligence
AI is the next big development in the world of technology. It gives you a platform where you can actually make a machine mimic the human brain, means which has the power to think, analyze, and make decisions on its own.

Libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow made machines learning functionality into the mix. Also, we have some other libraries such as OpenCV that helps computer vision or recognition of images.

5. Computer Graphics
Python is mostly used in every small, large, online, or offline project nowadays. It is used to build GUI and desktop applications also. It uses the ‘Tkinter‘ library to give an asap way to create applications for developers.

It is also used in game development nowadays where you can write by using a module ‘pygame’ which also runs on mobile.

6. Testing Framework
Python is great a way of approving ideas or products for established or big companies. Python has many inbuilt testing frameworks that help in debugging & helps in the continuation of the fastest workflows. There are a lot of tools and modules provides to make things easier and simple such as Selenium and Splinter.

It also supports testing with cross-platform & cross-browser with popular frameworks such as PyTest and Robot Framework. Python is the booster for testing as testing is a hard and time taking task so every tester should definitely go for python

7. Scripting & Automation
Everyone knows that Python is a programming language, but Python is more than that it can also be used as a Scripting language. In scripting:
● The code is written in the form of scripts and get applied
● The machine reads and interprets the code
● Error checking is done during Runtime of code

Once the code is checked, it can be used many times. So by the automation feature, you can automate some tasks in a program.

8. Python’s Popularity & High Salary
Last but not the least, what you will get after the python certification? At times python developers have some of the highest-paid salaries in the industry. Also, Python has a huge spike in popularity over the last 1year, So you can say that in coming years there is only a boom in the career of the python industry.

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