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An open source, free machine learning library, it was first developed by Gunnar Raetsch and Soeren Sonnenburg in the year 1999. This tool is written in C++ programming language. Literally, it offers algorithms and data structures for machine learning problems. It also supports many languages like R, Python, Java, Octave, C#, Ruby, Lua, etc.

Key Features:
• It mainly focuses on kernel machines like regression problems and support vector machines for classification.
• This tool is initially designed for large scale learning.
• This tool allows linking to other machine learning libraries like LibLinear, LibSVM, SVMLight, LibOCAS, etc.
• It also provides interfaces for Lua, Python, Java, C#, Octave, Ruby, MatLab, and R.
• It can process a large amount of data such as 10 million samples.

More Information and Official Website:
Download : https://www.shogun-toolbox.org/install