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A Close Look At Ethical Hacking

Taking A Close Look At Ethical Hacking

  • 04 July 2022
  • Admin

A hacker is a person or company of individuals who uses various hacking techniques to obtain a person's or a group's sensitive data and profit from it on their electronic network or device.

There are three main types of hackers:
•White hat hacker (Ethical Hacker)
•Black hat hacker (Cracker)
•Grey hat hacker

1. White hat hacker:
A hacker who gains access to the computer in order to correct identified flaws and problems. Penetration testing is a term for this sort of hacking, which has been legalised in the business. Testing and risk evaluations are carried out with them.


2. Black hat hacker:
A black hat hacker is a programmer who uses your data for personal gain and breaches vulnerability scanning regulations by gaining unauthorised access to computers. The goal is usually to acquire business data, violate personal privacy, move money from savings accounts, and capture a person. Cracker is another name for a black hat hacker.

3.Grey hat hacker:
A grey hat hacker is a coder who operates in the grey region between positive and negative, i.e. white hat and black hat cracking. To gain system access, he uses an unlawful method. He discovers data issues and informs the programme level.
Aside from the three sorts of hackers mentioned above, there are several other smaller categories of cybercriminals, such as Elite Attackers, Script Cracker, and Neophyte.
Ethical Hacking Types:
These are the most popular and prevalent forms of ethical hacking.

1. Theft of a web service
2. System espionage
3. Hacking into a web application

4. Network adapter attack:
Wireless communication hacking is the use of devices to break into a wifi router.

5. Hacking into social media accounts:

In the age of social connecting, networking site hacking entails breaking into people's social platforms for self benefit or defamation.

6. Webservice cracking:

Web application security breach is the act of breaking into a site and gaining illegal entry to it. Web server security breach is the act of accessing a web application system in order to get access to data. SQL Injection attacks, for example.

7. System hacking:
Computer hacking is the act of breaching rules, rules, and trying to hack the system in order to obtain personal or organisational data.

Ethical Hacking Methodology:

The following are the steps involved in ethical hacking:
• Designing
• Screening
• Connecting
• Obtaining
• Reviewing

Professionals are genuinely interested in vulnerability scanning programs for the long term in their profession. Penetration testing has been used in many MNCs and public agencies to avoid data theft.

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