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TensorFlow offers a JS library that helps in machine learning development. Its APIs will help you to create and train the models.

I think all the machine learning lovers who work with the machine learning applications know about the TensorFlow. It’s an open source machine learning library which helps you to develop your ML models. The Google team developed it. It has a flexible scheme of tools, libraries, and resources that allows researchers and developers to build and deploy machine learning applications.

Key Features:
• Helps in building and training your models.
• You can also run your existing models using TensorFlow.js which is a model converter.
• It helps in neural network.
• A full cycle deep learning system.
• Train as well as build ML models effortlessly using high-level APIs like Keras with eager execution.
• Thisis an open source software and highly flexible.
• It can also perform numerical computations using data flow graphs.
• Run on GPUs and CPUs, and also on various mobile computing platforms.
• Efficiently deploy and train the model in the cloud.

You can also use it in 2 ways, i.e. by installing through NPM or by script tags.
• Tool Cost/Plan Details: Free

More Information and Official Website:
Download : https://www.tensorflow.org/