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Tips On How To Improve Your Programming Skills

Tips On How To Improve Your Programming Skills To Become A Better Programmer

  • 11 September 2021
  • Admin

To become a better programmer, you need to be well-versed in the data structure, algorithms, designing, and various programming concepts like prototyping and unit testing.

Programming is not possible to learn in a quick time as it forms a mixture of many skills. Hence, it takes well enough time and experience to become a maestro in it.

You know what, interviews related to Java programming focuses on theory rather than programming and coding skills. Therefore, you can easily spend many years doing a Java programming job without being a good programmer. Moreover, some enormous programmers do not even practice the essential programming skills required to be a better programmer. So, let us discuss some crucial programming skills:


1. Coding, Coding, and Coding
Coding is the central piece of programming, where you can notice your mistakes in design flaws, error handling, multithreading, and working on all these skills for better improvement. You cannot just limit yourself to designing only. Output is fabricated by coding; hence it is important to learn and act as a success.

2. Reading Books
There is a huge difference between good code and bad code. And you cannot simply understand the difference. For this, you need to read books of authors who are great programmers themselves, like Uncle Bob, Joshua Bloch, etc. They have presented their experience in the form of a book that will help you solve your problems related to code by applying the advice given in those books. Reading books is a great way to learn from the experience of others, and there are only two ways to improve yourself, either by learning from your experience (which one hardly wants to take the risk of) or learning from other’s experience (which can alert you at the very beginning).

3. Contributing to Open Source code, Signing-up mailing lists
Another way to improve your programming skills is to contribute to the Open source code, especially from Apache, Google, and other projects. By simply subscribing to their mailing list, you will find out about the discussions taking place among good programmers, and understanding the problem and their approach, and the solution will automatically develop your good programming habits. Therefore, to get the most out of it, you must keep on asking questions, offering your view, and listening to others as well.

4. Practicing problems related to Data Structure, Algorithms, and Design
To be a better programmer, you must be really good at data structures, algorithms, and basic computer concepts. Remember, the data structure is a key factor of any program, and having a robust knowledge of the same can help during problem-solving. In addition, knowledge of important programming principles, search and sort algorithms, and other known algorithms, improve and develop programming skills.

5. Reading Relevant Blogs
Since blogs are written by programmers themselves, in which they sometimes share their personal views, experience, which is often found relevant. Blogs can help you learn new technologies and features of existing languages.

6. Reading Code
Even though reading code is quite tough, it can help more to become a good programmer than reading books and blogs. Look at the code of open source projects and try to understand how they work, what they are doing, and why. At the very beginning, you may find it boring and difficult, but with time you will develop a good code sense, which will help you not to make any mistakes, and you can then even spot others’ mistakes as well.

7. Unit Testing
The unit test enhances the thinking and coding process and subsequently helps you to design better. Also, writing unit tests help find better names, the best preventative moment, the best design, the quality content.

Unit testing is also challenging for the average programmer; you will see a lot of resistance there. Some programmers, instead of seriously thinking about the use case, write trivial tests. Unit tests are another opportunity to think about scripting and whitespace in your code. Make it obligatory to always write a unit test for your code.

8) Do Code Review
Like unit testing, code review is another development method that makes you a good programmer. Code review helps both reviewers and authors; the reviewer improves understanding of the code and gives sincere advice, and the author learns from his mistakes.

This often helps for code that you think necessarily contains some errors that only other programmers can see, a code check and four eye checks will help you.

If you have the opportunity to work for a unit testing and code review company, you are probably a better programmer than the rest. These two things help a lot to improve your programming skills.

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