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Ccna 200-301 Certification Exams

Want To Get Prepared For Ccna 200-301 Certification Exams?

  • 13 September
  • Admin

Do you want to prepare for the associate-level examination CCNA 200-301?
For those who want to master Cisco technology to increase their number of opportunities, the associate level of examination is the right choice for them. Today we will be discussing how to prepare for the CCNA examination:

What concerns everyone the most is how to clear the exam on the first attempt?
The New CCNA 200-301 has come up with the latest technology and techniques. Being an updated version requires proper guidance to understand it. The new CCNA has really become more demanding, more recognized, and more valuable than the previous version.

Since to qualify for any program or course to get the certification of the same, one needs to take that exam. Similarly, to qualify CCNA examination, you are required to attempt the CCNA 200-301 exam successfully.

Appearing for CCNA 200-301 examination and qualifying the same with a good score makes candidates more capable of getting desired job opportunities and dealing with any upcoming hurdle. As there have been immense updates in technology, nowadays organizations are looking for competent employees who possess the updated knowledge and skills.

CCNA training in Noida

Course covered by CCNA exam:
It demonstrates knowledge and skills related to network administration, configuration, and deployment.
• Proportion of Network Fundamentals – 20%
• Proportion of Network Access – 20%
• Proportion of IP Connectivity – 25%
• Proportion of IP Services– 10%
• Proportion of Security Fundamentals– 15%
• Proportion of Automation and Programmability– 10%

Since CCNA is an associate-level exam, more emphasis will be placed on networking fundamentals and network access, which make up nearly 40% of the exam content. Most of this will come from IP connectivity, which accounts for 25%, followed by security fundamentals (15%). Finally, the topics with the lowest percentage, i.e., 10% each are IP Services and Automation and programmability.

A topic, such as automation and programmability, make it easier for network engineers to collaborate and be productive with developers. So, candidates appearing for the exam can focus on the topics on the basis of the percentage. However, the percentage ratio can be varied, so it is advisable to prepare for all the topics in detail.

Questions format asked in the examination:
There are five types of questions you may see five types of questions in the examination:

1. Single answers multiple-choice questions.

2. Multiple answers to multiple-choice questions.

3. Drag and Drop (DND) pattern: In this, a list of options will be seen on the left-hand side of the screen, candidates need to drag each of the correct answers on the right side of the screen. Items can be edited, deleted, and reordered until final feedback is sent.

4. Router Simulation or Configuration Question: This is where candidates are encouraged to take a specific type of configuration and get it to work. It mainly contains three switches and three routers. You will not see these questions on the CompTIA exam; the only solution to work out these problems is to set up the practice with settings.

5. Permissive Test: In this section, the candidate will receive three or more questions based on a real-life scenario. One of the major facts people are unable to clear this CCNA exam is the lack of time management. So, make sure you practice for the same with the time strategy to clear the exam in a single attempt.

How to Prepare for the CCNA Exam?
We prepare candidates for these exams with all study materials such as recorded videos, workbooks, and hands-on lab experience. Moreover, hands-on labs for practices and workbooks can be treated as a study guide to prepare for the CCNA examination.

We offer online classes for CCNA training with both one or group study classes as per the candidate’s satisfaction as it is very important for a candidate to have proper guidance before going for the core exam. Rest depends on the amount of hard work the candidate does and how he manages times while taking the exam trying to solve different levels of questions.

Like other exams, the CCNA exam also takes a total of 120 minutes to get at least a passing score, around 825 out of 1000.

Indubitably, the world needs an abundance of Network engineers who can help the world to grow. This certification will create a high level of confidence in the development of your IT career.

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