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Java programming language

What Makes Java Object Oriented Programming Language

  • 29 September 2021
  • Admin

Java is a new programming language as compared to other programming languages. After learning programming in this language we can do any type of programming. The main reason for the popularity of Java is that its use is more for Internet work. The most popular language as an Internet programming language is Java. This language is a new programming language after the programming languages 'C' and 'C++'. The programming language Java has most of the properties of these two programming languages. Internet is currently such a word, which hardly any person is unaware of, and hence what makes Java popular is that using Java internet-based programming can be done. Syntax from the programming language 'C' and Object-Oriented Programming Features from "C++" have been incorporated in Java.

History of java
James Gosling, along with his team in 1991 while working at Sun Microsystems in the United States developed the Java programming language. It took about a year and a half for the first working version of this programming language to be published. At this time the initial name of this language was Oak. In 1992, Oak Preliminary Work, in 1995, the public announcement of the new version or many people gave their support, and Oak was given a new name, which we know as java. When Java was being developed, no one thought that this programming language would prove useful for the Internet sector as well. While developing this language its only primary intention was, Develop a programming language that can be used for various electronic consumer devices; Such as - Useful for making programs for TV, VCR, Microwave Oven, Remote Controls, etc.


Features of Java
The programming language Java is not designed to be as complex as other popular computer programming languages. The programming language is designed to be very simple, compact, and engaging.

Expert, concise and simple programming language
If you have learned or worked with programming languages C and C++ before, then learning the programming language Java becomes very easy. Java's simple coding makes it more familiar because the programming language Java has many features of the programming language C++. That is, the Java programming language also supports these Features. In this programming language, programming languages C and C ++ or many such features have been trimmed, which were extra or unnecessary.

Java is compatible with flexible platforms
Programming language is a platform-independent computer programming language. This is because the compiler of the programming language Java converts the instructions given in the program into Byte Codes. Which can be run in any computer machine, this type of data does not require any special type of compiler machine, it can be used on any. Therefore, programs made in the programming language can also be run on any computer.

Compiled and Interpreted
Generally, programs in a programming language are converted into machine codes either by compiling or by interpreting them. The programming language Java uses a combination of both, which makes the programming language Java a two-tier system. The Java compiler first converts the Source Codes into Byte Codes. Byte Code is also similar to Machine Codes but does not have Machine Codes. At the second level, the Java interpreter converts these Byte Codes into Machine Codes. Since Source Codes are not converted directly into Machine Codes, they are converted into Byte Codes, which can be run on every computer machine, and Byte Codes are later converted into Machine Codes, hence designed in Java. The program can be run on any computer machine.

Programming Language Java is a fully object-oriented programming language. The programming language C++, which supports both traditional programming and object-oriented programming styles, allows you to do programming even without creating a class. At the same time, in the program made in the programming language Java, it is necessary to have at least one class which is the foundation of the Object Oriented Programming concept. We create the entire Java program in Objects and Classes. The programming language Java also has the facility to put the class in the package. Whenever a class is to be used, then in the program that class is certified through that package. Due to the properties, a programming language can also be called a modified form of programming language C++.

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