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Why You Should Learn Python Language?

Python Programming

Why You Should Learn Python Language?

Python is considered as one of the most popular programming languages. Python is a general purpose programming language which supports many styles like functional programming, object-oriented formats.

There are many reasons which make you fall in love with Python Language. Let’s discuss some of them:

1. Easy to learn
Python is very powerful yet easy to learn programming language. Python actually reads like English, so no stress related to maintain the syntax of codes. The codes are usually 3 to 5 times shorter that other languages like Java and C++. It is best for the beginners, as they can learn by just looking at the code at initial level. Python also comes with standard library which helps to develop real applications.
python coding

2. Flexible Language
Python is very flexible language and is supported by most of the platforms include Windows to Linux to Macintosh, and Solaris.

3. Where all it can be used
Python can be used for:
- Web Development, using various frameworks include Django, Flask, Pylons
- Data Science and Visualization using Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib
- Machine learning with Tensorflow and Scikit-learn
- Desktop applications with PyQt, Gtk, wxWidgets and many more
- Mobile applications using Kivy or BeeWare

4. Artificial Intelligence
AI is great technological innovation which gives powers to a machine with a human brain to think, analyze and react. Many libraries in Python support development of AI modules like image recognition.

5. Testing Frameworks
Python support testing support on cross-platform & cross-browser with frameworks like PyTest and Robot. Python Language has number of integral testing frameworks that covers debugging. Every tester should have know-how of python to boost-up their testing results.

6. Big Data & Analytics
Python supports parallel computing where one can use it for Hadoop as well. Python have big library that support Big Data tools for data analytics like Dask and Pyspark. You can also write a MapReduce program using Python Language.

5. Popularity
Popularity of language Python is increasing day by day due to many underlining reasons. Python being nowadays used as main language for backend. With Big Data coming into picture, Python is more demanding as it can be easily integrated into web applications.
python stats
As per the latest survey, interest in learning Python increases by 25% over last few years.

5. Scripting & Automation
Python can be used as scripting language as well where machine reads and interprets the code and all error checking is done at runtime. You can also automate certain tasks in a program which make is more flexible as compare to other languages.

5. Career Opportunity
Today top companies including Google, Yahoo, IBM and more such welcome a skilled Python programmer. Python programmers seem to get high salary packages in the industry as compared to other language programmers. On Angel List, Python is 2nd demanding skill and hence highest salary also offered to skilled manpower.

Python is a boon for web developers due to its features and flexibility. If you want to learn Python Programming, consult to the experts at GICSEH and make your decision.

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