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Learn Java Programing Language

Why You Need To Learn Java Programing Language ?

  • 27 Dec 2020
  • Admin

Learning Java is straightforward and fun, regardless of what background you've got. With this comprehensive guide, you'll have all the resources which will make you understand that what is the need for learning java.

Java Virtual Machine is used to run Java code, which helps in translating Java code into a language that the OS understands. Because of these features, Java is among the highest programming languages of 2021.


1) Java is easy to learn and understand
With digitization, a lot of languages have played their role in making new websites and apps. Most of the new coders have this dilemma to entering into the most famous and best language so if someone asks a question that “What is the best programming language?” from the people having experience of 10-15 years, beginners get surprised by the answer that Java is the best language. If you've got a steep learning curve, it might be difficult to urge productive during a short span of your time, which is that the case with most professional projects.

Java is just like English syntax with minimum magic characters e.g., Generics angle brackets, which makes it easy to read Java programs and learn quickly.

Once a programmer is conversant in the initial hurdles with installing JDK and fixing PATH and understands how Classpath works, it's pretty easy to write down a program in Java.

2) Java is an Object-Oriented programming language
The second reason, which made Java popular is that it's an Object-Oriented programming language. Developing an OOP application is far easier because it helps to stay the system modular, extensible, and flexible.

Once you've got knowledge of crucial OOP concepts like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance, you'll use all those with Java. Java itself embodies many best practices and style patterns in its library.

Java is one among the few on the brink of 100% OOP programming languages. Java also promotes the utilization of principles like SOLID and Object-oriented design in form of open-source projects like Spring, which confirm your object dependency is managed well by using the Dependency Injection principle.

3) Java has Rich API
The third reason for the Java programming language's huge success is its Rich API, and most significantly, it's highly visible because it comes with Java installation.

Java also provides API for Networking, Utilities, I/O, Database Connection, XML Parsing, and almost everything. Whatever left is roofed by open-source libraries like Apache Commons, Google Guava, Jackson, JSON, Apache POI, etc.

You can further see my post 20 essential open-source libraries for Java programmers to find out more about useful libraries Java developers should know.

4) Powerful development tools e.g., Eclipse, Netbeans
Believe it or not, Eclipse and Netbeans have played an enormous role in making Java one of the simplest programming languages. Coding in IDE may be a pleasure, especially if you've got coded in DOS Editor or Notepad.

They not only help in code completion but also provides a strong debugging capability, which is important for real-world development. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) made Java development far more comfortable, faster, and fluent. it is easy to look, refactor, and skim code using IDEs.

For Continuous Integration and delivery-Java has tools like Maven and ANT. They are also used for building Java applications apart from IDE. Jenkins, Decompilers, JConsole, Visual VM for monitoring Heap usage, etc.

5) Great collection of Open-Source libraries
Open-source libraries make sure that Java should be used everywhere. In making java development easy and in contributing great libraries that will make it cost-effective and faster, many companies are working day and night like Apache and Google.

The frameworks like Spring, Struts, Maven, which make sure that Java development promotes the utilization of design patterns, follow best practices of software craftsmanship, and assisted Java developers in getting their job done.

Java Coaching in GICSEH, Noida helps to make your skilled career as Java is employed to Banking Application, read the 3D image, play on-line games, video, audio, chat with folks around the world, and cart. Java is on the verge of being a technology that permits you for a software system designed and written just for a "virtual machine" to run on a unique computer. Java coaching supports several systems like Windows laptop Macintoshes and UNIX system computers.

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