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Wireshark Tool

Software genre : Packet analyzer
License : GNU General Public License
You can Download and install this software with the help of following link

Wireshark is the name of tool, which is available with free sources. It use to monitor, manage, troubleshoot, analyse the networking infrastructure, networking devices, windows, server, clinet, etc. This is the best tool which is use for troubleshooting all kind of the networking devices. If you want to download and install this application and software then easily can install, download and configure the same thing. There is a link, if you want to check or audit for the same then can implement accordingly. This is the free resources so no need to pay any kind of the amount.

This is the software which is provided by Packet Analyzer, if will talk about the license version of wireshark then can use GNU Genneral public license. Means licence will be provided by GNU General public licence.

If you want to install and configure this tools then can use any platform, platform like windows server, windows client, unix operating system, linux operating system, etc.