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ec-council certification

Ethical Hacking Online Training

Ethical Hacking Online Training in India

  • 16 Oct 2019
  • Admin

There are some division of course module as per as EC Council
- Core Level
- Advance Level
- Expert Level

Ethical Hacking Online Training in India

There are three important level of the EC Council Certification. EC Council Certification, famous in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking. GICSEH is providing all the courses in Core level, Advance Level and Expert level too. If will discuss about the core level of the certification then there will be two certifications. First will be CND also called Certified Network Defender and second will be Certified Ethical Hacker.
As per as sequence is concern then will be following sequence
- CND(Certified Network Defender)
- CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

If will discuss about the next level of EC Council Certification then will be ECSA, EC Council Certified Security Analyst. This is really very advance portion of the network part as well as the web part. Once this certification will be completed then next module will be LPT means Licensed Penetration Testing module.
- ECSAv10 EC Council Certified Security Analyst
- LPT Licensed Penetration Tester

CEH international exam will be from the EC-Council, will be with following format
- No of questions will be 125
- Test duration will be 4 hours
- Test will be conducted with multiple choice format
- Test delivery will be by ECC Exam and VUE exam
- Exam Code will be 312-50 ECC Exam and 312-50 VUE Exam

Before the EC Council certification, candidate must have the networking and communication technology background. Will be good if candidate has a knowledge of information security threats and attack vector. Information security can study in the module of certified ethical hacker. Will discuss about the analysis and assessment then need to go with information security assessment and analysis also need to go with the information security assessment process. Actually background will be the matter of 21.79 percentage as per as security standard. If will discuss about the analysis and assessment then will be the matter of 12.73 percentage. Now will come to the security then will be included information security controls, information security and attack detection, information security and controls should be there, information security attack and detections should be there, then will come to information security attack and presentation. These will be the matter of 23.73 percentage. Then definitely we need some tools for the ethical hacking, means tools, systems and programs, like information security systems, then need information and security programs, then will need information security and tools, then will need information security and procedures, these will be matter of 28.91 percentage. If will discuss about the procedures and methodology is concern then will be information security and assessment as well as methodologies. Then will come to the regulation and policy then will be included information security and policies, laws and act. Will be the matter of 1.90 percentage. Then will come to the ethics part of the module, this will be the matter of 2.17 percentage, will be ethics of information security.
With a sequence can write like below
- Networking and communication with technology
- Informational security with threats, attack and vector
- Informational security and its technique
- Informational security and assessment with analysis
- Information security assessment with exact process

Take example of the security, suppose if you want to provide the security for the windows, like if you want to stop any particular user, particular group, particular organization unit, and particular domain. Can implement the security with the help of group policy with the windows. Group policy is the option which is available with windows server as well as windows client. If you want to implement security policy with the help of domain then will be the central policy. Can implement this policy with domain. Means group of physical device present with the logical name or domain name then process will be domain. Can implement the security policy with the help of forest or can say trust relation between the server. There are some types of trust, like one way trust. Means one server can access to the other server but other server will be not able to access first server. There will be two way server means first server will be able to access second server and also second server will be able to access first server. There is one more trust also called relam trust, means if windows want to access unix family then can access from windows to unix also if unix want to access windows family then can access, this trust is called relam trust.
There will be following trust as per as the windows security also called web security
- One way trust
- Two way trust
- Transitive trust
- Non transitive trust
- Relam trust

If want to discuss about other security of windows then there will be functional level, there are two types of functional level. First will be the domain function level and second will be the forest functional level. Domain function level is the part of forest function level. Forest will be the combination of many domain or can say collection of different domain.
Types of functional level in the network
- Domain function level
- Functional level

As per as concept of function level then there will be the option to increase the function level but there will be no any option with windows to decrease the functional level.