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Boost Up Your Digital Marketing

New Marketing Trends To Boost Up Your Digital Marketing

  • 15 Feb 2021
  • Admin

What is Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Trends?
In this era when everything is presented online, Digital Marketing changes the world of Internet Marketing. It generally requires electronic devices. Digital Marketing is done by the use of the internet and technologies like mobile phones, computers, and platforms to boost products and services. The main motive of digital marketing is engaging customers through its following components such as email marketing, SEO, content marketing, influencer marketing, social media, video marketing, affiliate marketing, and much more.

How Did Digital Marketing Trends begin?
In 1971, Raymond Samuel Tomlinson posted the first email and created a platform that allowed users to send and collect files through a unique machine. In early 1990, digital marketing came to light after the evolution of computers. In late 2000, after the birth of a search engine called Google,iPhone consumers started looking for products online and Digital Marketing became enlightened globally.

Here are the Best Upcoming Fresh And New Digital Marketing Trends in 2021.
1. Influencer Marketing
2. Product Personalization
3. Chat-Bots
4. Video Creation & Marketing
5. Social Messaging Apps
6. Social Media Stories
7. Search Engine Optimization
8. Email Marketing
9. Visual Search

1. Influencer Marketing:-
Influencer marketing trends -
Influencer Marketing is in trend and based on customers’ trust influencers and their opinions.

At present time we can say that almost every business is targeting their audiences through social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Almost 4.14 billion people are presently using social media and 2.14 billion users are expected to purchase goods and services through online marketing. So big brands are teaming up with influencers who have a good following and reach among their relevant customers to introduce their products and services and promote their brand.

2. Product Personalization:-
Product personalization is like the personalization of email, post, content, pricing, and much more. It is an essential part of branding for any business and is a key to marketing. The brands use different methods to personalize their product as per customer needs and satisfaction.

3. Chatbots:-
Importance of Chatbots trends -
A software application named Chatbot is used as a way for online conversations with a client. Many customers prefer such interacting software with chatbots because they are hassle-free and much more convenient than other ways. These chatbots provide direct contact with a live human agent, 24/7 responsive, and give answers and solve customer’s queries at the earliest. According to business requirements, chatbots are more reliable because multiple customers can be handled at the same time.

4. Video Creation & Marketing:-
Video marketing trends -
In simple words, Video Marketing is a way for promoting a product or service of a brand through videos. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the major platforms of Video Marketing. People prefer watching online videos than on Television. With the new trend of Instagram Reels and Instagram Live, marketers are upgrading their strategies. Video marketing helps directly in boosting conversion rates and builds customer loyalty and trust.

5. Social Messaging Apps:-
social media importance -
Today, Social Messaging apps become a new place where marketers spend more time engaging with customers about their products and services. Popular Social Messaging Apps like WhatsApp Messenger, WeChat, Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, Line, Skype, and Telegram. As we all know Social Messaging Apps are very convenient and easy to send more personalized messages to customers directly. It helps in boosting sales and also provide meaningful information about the product and helps the potential customers to get what they are looking for, provide customer support, enlightens people about upcoming events, and more.

6. Social Media Stories:-
Social Media Stories are a kind of vertical videos or images that last for 24 hours. These stories benefit in increasing brand awareness and are cost-effective as they are short and require less time. You can use links to websites, mentions of other brands or people, tags, locations in these stories. It is great means of promotion for brands especially eCommerce brands.

7. Search Engine Optimization(SEO):-
search engine optimization trends -
Search Engine Optimization organically upgrades the quality of the website to increase and target relevant traffic. For customers’, brands create beneficial content that is relevant and is useful. If it is optimized used accurately, it can be fruitful for any business or brand

These super fresh trends of digital marketing will benefit the digital marketers or anyone who is learning digital marketing in increasing the website traffic and will bring a high-quality and relevant audience which will lead to conversions. The best and effective way to engage a larger number of customers is to make a dynamic marketing campaign, move resources to social media and start directly interacting with new and existing clients through chatbots and provide them meaningful answers and solutions through which they can connect and gain trust and loyalty over brand

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