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SEO Habits

SEO Habits to Increase Website Traffic

  • 20 December 2021
  • Admin

Everyone wants more traffic on the website, right? But are you working on all the little things that are required to improve the search engine rankings of your website with every new image or content upload? The right habits should be created from the initial stage to keep your website in tip-top shape and hopefully translate into bonus points from Google's algorithm.

Start with a solid website framework and then employ the following techniques with every update to get on the path to building great SEO habits that won't be hard to maintain.

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Creating Quality Content
Good search rankings start with quality content, such as text, images, videos, and things that people want to interact with. There is nothing magic in this; it is just that the content should be related to the main idea of your website and should be well-constructed and well-composed. Moreover, make sure to write outstanding headlines so that users can find this great content.
Quality Content Features:
• Content rooted in data or factual information should be easy to read and free from grammatical errors.
• Content should relate to the goals of your website or brand with an obvious connection.
• Content should have enough length to be about 300 words or more per page.
• Content should demonstrate your credibility and management in your field. A good place to start is testimonials, case studies, and reviews.

Link to Reputable Sources
Use meaningful links to your content to add actual value to what you are saying. Internal and external links are the acceptable link set. Several domains, such as .gov, .edu, .org, .com, and more, have more credibility and power than others, so make sure to go for these links.

Keeping Users Safe
Google already warns website users that having an SSL certificate is a matter of contention that will impact the search rankings. There are some challenges to making the change, but it will eventually be worth it. While operating an e-commerce website, you should already be using a safe and protected mode to manage data and payment details.

Speed Building
Websites ought to be fast. An important aspect of optimizing for speed is considering ways to get the most out of file size. Your website should not be overfilled with spam. Use icon fonts rather than images for icons, consider SVG rather than PNG for image files and stop uploading full-size images to your website. That’s just overkill.

Use Words for Everything
Search engines can only read words, which means you have to tell search engines the other types of content your website contains. This can be done in two ways: Use the name of the file to your benefit. Name the file on the basis of the image or video of your website. Or, tell search engines the exact thing that is in your website video by setting a video on a page with the video content transcription.

Update, Don’t Duplicate
Numerous websites prefer to use the same standard copy several times across multiple pages. Why? It is better to use the footer section to place something that is to be copied on every page. Problem solved. If you have static content, update it and share the links again. Do not duplicate messages.

If you haven't been diligent with SEO earlier, and you're initiating these habits today, then consider reverting to rectifying errors on older pages. Make an objective of going back and using the suitable header, alt, and metatags on the pages you want users to see.

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